6/30/18 – Bikers and Hikers

Day 10 Miles: 1284.29 to 1,265.40 We are up at 5:15 a.m., at 5:30 Brenda Braaten brings watermelon and muffins for breakfast. We eat and since we still have enough time left before… Continue reading

6/29/19 – Belden Rave

Day 9 Miles: 1,293 to 1284.29 The night brings a peaceful rest. In the evening a doe visits our camp, walking around Swayed’s rent. Couple of times it lifts its head, looking directly… Continue reading

6/28/18 – 20 Miler

Day 8 Miles: 1,313.29 to 1,293.00 + 0.4 miles to/from High Point We’re up at 4:30 a.m., it’s still dark outside, the moon shines brightly. We pack and eat breakfast watching the daylight… Continue reading

6/27/18 – Southbound

Day 7 Miles: 1,328.82 To 1,313.29 + 2 miles side trip to Butt Mountain We spend the morning with Trudi and Jeff, and their three wiener dogs who enjoy our attention. We are… Continue reading

6/26/18 – Back in Chester

Day 6 Miles: 0 Its a rather hectic morning. We meet with Swayed at 8:00 a.m. thinking we will go for breakfast. Dave calls Rancheria Shuttle, the same shuttle service we used last… Continue reading

6/25/18 – Skippers

Day 5 Miles: 0 We’re skipping the Sierra again. Can you believe that? Here’s the scoop. We wake up to the smell of fried bacon. The kitchen is next door to our room… Continue reading

6/24/18 – Kearsarge Pass

Day 4 7.5 miles off trail to Onion Valley It happened just before dusk last night, Dave and I were already in our tent trying to go to sleep, when a ranger came… Continue reading

6/23/18 – Forester Pass

Day 3 Miles: 774.72 to 788.47 The morning dawned cold, I’m starting the hike in my down jacket. I take if off soon enough but keep my mid layer little longer. The trail… Continue reading

6/22/18 – Of Heat and Altitude

Day 2 Miles: 760.47 to 774.72 We are up at 5:00, out of camp by 6:00 which is good considering we only managed to squeeze in one overnight trip this year and we’re… Continue reading

6/21/18 – Sierra Welcomes Us

Day 1 Miles: 745.29 to 760.47 + 1.7 Miles to get on trail from Horseshoe Meadow We’re in Lone Pine so we can’t miss breakfast at Alabama Hill Cafe. Like always it hits… Continue reading