7/10/18 – Tahoe Bound

Day 20 Miles: 1,153.38 to 1,140.76 The hard bed in our tiny lodge room is super comfortable. I wish I could take it with me on the trail. There’s not much to it,… Continue reading

7/9/18 – Clair Tappaan Lodge

Day 19 Miles: 1,160.76 to 1,153.38 It was such a peaceful night at our camp near Peter Grubb cabin. I dreamed about being at elementary school again plotting adventures with my friends like… Continue reading

7/8/18 – Peter Grubb Hut

Day 18 Miles: 1,179.26 to 1,160.76 Everybody in our camp of 5 people is up around 5:00 a.m. IKEA, an Asian gentleman packs his bright yellow tent and is the first one out,… Continue reading

7/7/18 – More Trail Magic

Day 17 Miles: 1,195.42 to 1,179.26 Plus 1.5 miles to trailhead from town The alarm rings at 5:30 a.m. Neither of us wants to get up. We have 4,000 feet to climb today… Continue reading

7/6/18 – Catching Up

Day 16 Miles: 0 We are supposed to be back on trail today but after visiting with friends some chores are left undone and so we opt to take a zero here to… Continue reading

7/5/18 – Slackpacking

Day 15 Miles: 1,207.30 to 1,195.42 The wind blows relentlessly through the night. We can hear it’s gusts in the crowns of the trees nearby. Luckily the campground itself is pretty protected and… Continue reading

7/4/18 – Trail Magic

Day 14 Miles: 1,224.07 to 1,207.30 “Are you the Canadians?” the guy asks. He is huffing and puffing up a steep hill with a sleeping bag attached to outside his backpack that itself… Continue reading

7/3/18 – Camp Pet

Day 13 Miles: 1,241.71 to 1,224.07 My camera is not working. It stopped working yesterday afternoon. I turned it on to take a photo and a message popped on the screen: Card Error… Continue reading

7/2/18 – InReach to the Rescue

Day 12 Miles: 1,261.00 to 1,241.71 We’re back in the trail at 8:00, rested and fed by Nancy and Terry, our wonderful hosts. What a lovely break Bucks Lake turned out to be.… Continue reading

7/1/18 – Zero at Bucks Lake

Day 11 Miles: 0 Plus 1.4 miles walk to resort and back Plus 0.8 miles walk to trail angels Plus 1.4 to Haskins Campground and back It’s 6:30 a.m. when we wake up… Continue reading