Mailbox Peak

   I thought I was ready for the challenge of Mailbox Peak. I hike nearly every weekend on trails that on their own can be called a workout. I joined a gym in… Continue reading

Mushroom Risotto

I created this dish for our PCT hike last year and it quickly became our favorite. The smell, when it’s cooking, is divine and it tastes heavenly (if you like mushrooms, of course).… Continue reading

Helping the Trail

Curious about thru-hiking? In a mood for a hiking story? Looking for motivation to get out more? For a limited time my book I Had a Dream, I Lived It: An Adventure on… Continue reading

8/7/18 – Lone Pine

Day 48 Miles: 0 To hike or not to hike the approximately 100 miles we have left between Reds Meadow and Sonora Pass. We have that discussion over Eggs Benedict at Alabama Hills… Continue reading

8/6/18 – Good Bye Sierra

Day 47 Miles: 792.91 to 789.09 + 7.5 miles to Kearsarge Pass Trailhead I wake up with mixed feelings today. Our Sierra section of the PCT is nearing its end. I feel proud… Continue reading

8/5/18 – Breathtaking Rae Lakes

Day 46 Miles: 808.90 to 792.91 Milky Way is beautiful tonight. Even Dave gets up to see it stretching above Marjorie Lake. The rest of the night is bitterly cold. I am chilly… Continue reading

8/4/18 – Fourteener

Day 45 Miles: 815.95 to 808.90 + Split Mountain scramble and 0.50 miles hike from unnamed lake back to trail The sky is perfectly clear and the stars are out. For a few… Continue reading

8/3/18 – Split Second Decision

Day 44 Miles: 823.03 to 815.95 + 0.50 to unnamed lake bellow Split Mountain If I ever had said Golden Staircase was a set of easy switchbacks, don’t believe a word of it.… Continue reading

8/2/18 – The Storm

Day 43 Miles: 844.40 to 823.03 The smoke is back. I smell it when I wake up at 1:00 a.m. and when I peek out of the tent I see the moonlit landscape… Continue reading

8/1/18 – Evolution Lake

Day 42 Miles: 853.33 to 844.40 We have an early start today, trying to reach Evolution Lake before the afternoon storm occurs. It is a peaceful walk in the morning. We manage to… Continue reading