7/28/18 – VVR

Day 38 Miles: 886.49 to 878.75 + 1.4 miles to VVR Ferry Landing The smoke comes and goes through the night. Sometimes I can see the peaks above the lake. Sometimes like there… Continue reading

7/27/18 – Squaw Lake

Day 37 Miles: 902.06 to 886.49 The moon is bright. I wake up several time thinking the alarm did not ring. I check the time. 11:52 pm. 3:30 am. 4:40 am. At 5:15… Continue reading

7/26/18 – Back on Trail

Day 36 Miles: 906.63 to 902.06 If somebody told me in the morning that we would be back on the trail today, I’d have my doubts. Yet here we are cozy in our… Continue reading

7/25/18 – Mammoth Lakes

Day 35 Miles: 0 Our main task for the day is to figure out how to fix our tent. I do not want any leaks when the next storm hits us. Getting our… Continue reading

7/24/18 – Wind of Changes

Day 34 Miles: 0 Today is rather emotional day. It is my mom’s 70’s birthday but before I can call her to wish her happy birthday I receive a message from her letting… Continue reading

7/23/18 – One more zero day

Day 33 Miles: 0 ‘Float the tent floor, one section at a time on a bowl full of water. On the trail a puddle would work. Lay a single piece of paper towel… Continue reading

7/22/18 – Kennedy Meadows North

Day 32 Miles: 0 If feels good to sleep in. All the way to 8:00 a.m. I have breakfast – coffee and a bearclaw and then I meet with Dave, Gray Ghost, and… Continue reading

7/21/18 – Kennedy Meadows North

Day 31 Miles: 1,022.01 to 1,016.93 The smoke is back, thick, impenetrable. It conceals the valley like it never existed. Higher up we can see the saddle we soon will be aiming for.… Continue reading

7/20/18 – Bathtub Floor

Day 30 Miles: 1,033.74 to 1,022.01 In the morning we were greeted by mosquitoes but it is a lovely one otherwise. Close to our site a stream bubbles by. Hummingbird flies by several… Continue reading

7/19/18 – First Thunder

Day 29 Miles: 1,050.03 to 1,033.74 Morning at Kinney Lake is a nice one. The smoke has cleared some, its remnants are far away, and the sun that rises through them makes colors… Continue reading