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EBC Day 12 + 13, Back in Lukla

10/20/2012 + 10/21/2012 There are only two planes flying instead of the regular four, and for a while the weather shuts down the flights altogether. Eventually they resume but with every minute gone… Continue reading

EBC Day 11, Namche Bazaar to Lukla

10/19/2012 I remember clearly the people we met during our first day of trekking laboring up the last hill before reaching Lukla, and ever since I dread that incline. Perhaps they were rushing… Continue reading

EBC Day 10, Phortse to Namchee Bazaar

10/18/2012 Finally a rest-full night. My energy is returning, so it’s my appetite. I wolf on Tibetian Bread, a simple Elephant Ear-like fried dough, my favorite breakfast in Nepal. They eat it sweet here with… Continue reading

EBC Day 9, Pheriche to Phortse

10/17/2012 Every morning Dorji gives us an overview of our day, even now on descent when our schedule is more relaxed we go over details on how the next stage of our trek… Continue reading

EBC Day 8, Gorak Shep to Pheriche

10/16/2012 The altitude is getting the best of us. Dave still feels nauseated, diamox is not helping much. My nose is stuffy, my throat burns. Neither of us can sleep. We toss and… Continue reading

EBC Day 7, Lobuche to Everest Base Camp to Gorak Shep

10/15/2012 We are on our way with first sign of daylight, braving the hostile morning of the Khumbu Region. The frigid air burns in my nostrils. My fingers freeze each time I take my… Continue reading

EBC Day 6, Pheriche to Lobuche

10/14/2012 My headache is much better when I wake up. But at this point I’m also fighting runny nose, scratchy throat and other signs of cold. My energy level is not too high.… Continue reading

EBC Day 5, Tengboche to Periche

10/13/2012 I wake up un-rested. After using my sleeping back for the first time during our trip, I found out the zipper is broken and the cold leaking into the bag wakes me… Continue reading

EBC Day 4, Namche Bazaar – Tengboche

10/12/2012 In the morning we say good bye to Robyn and Gabe. They are going to spend an extra night in Namche, Robyn’s headache is not going away and it would be unwise… Continue reading

EBC Day 3 – Rest Day in Namche Bazaar

10/11/2012 Some call it a rest day, some acclimatization day. I’m leaning towards the latter as our schedule for today really does not have much rest incorporated in. Our first stop is a… Continue reading