GR20 – Day 7 – Corte

Corte is beautiful in many ways. The town lies in very rugged terrain in the heart of the mountains and so the views are incredible no matter which direction you look. To get to the Citadel where the best views can be found you will have to navigate a maze of steep streets and staircases and all the time you will be surrounded by history and building that are certainly aging but still hold their charm.

Typical buildings in Corte

Options to eat are plentiful. Our very favorite for breakfast was Le Dulcis Corte, small bakery owned by the sweetest lady, who puts her heart into the products. Loved both the fig maison we had, which was a white cake dough with a hint of lemon flavor and figs in the top, and the pizza looking round pastry with a good amount of traditional Corsican cheese in the top was pretty good too.

Fig Maison – so good

For dinner, we enjoyed U Valentinu. They make super good pizza. Tried Capriciosa Bianca, it was heavenly, and Salade Du Berger was the most unexpected surprise. It was a warm salad consisting of lettuce at the bottom with a hint of mustard dressing, topped with potatoes, pancetta, Corsican ham, and goat cheese croutons. Delicious.

The town is a perfect size for a short break from the trail. Everything is within walking distance and there’s enough to explore to keep one busy for a day or two.

The Citadel

Going to make our way back to the trail now where the challenge of GR20 Nord awaits us.