5/24/17 – Lazy Hikers

Day 31 Miles: 436 to 444 For our first month on the trail we treated ourselves with a nero day and a luxurious stay at Acton KOA which included shower, laundry, and swimming… Continue reading

5/23/17 – Snake DancingĀ 

Day 30 Miles: 421.24 to 436 So many times along the trail we said: “If they put a cooler here with soda for $1.00, they could make some money.” Today we finally found… Continue reading

5/22/17 – Poodle Dog

Day 29 Miles: 404.21 to 421.24 Poodle Dog Bush. Sounds like a cute plant, doesn’t it. Well, it isn’t. It ranks up there with poison oak and it sends hikers to hospital every… Continue reading

5/21/17 – Trail Magic

Day 28 Miles: 384 to 404.24 I gladly admit that the morning sucked. After a rather peaceful night, the Boy Scouts were in their tents by 9:00 p.m., and if it wasn’t for… Continue reading

5/20/17 – Mt. Baden-Powell

Day 27 Miles: 369 to 384 How did we forget to buy ibuprofen when shopping yesterday I do not know, it’s such an essential here on the trail, but in the end it… Continue reading

5/19/17 – Rest Day

Day 26 Miles: 0 on trail, about 2 walking in town. Wrightwood is such a hiker friendly place. Our positive experience started the second we stepped off the trail and were immediately offered… Continue reading


Day 25 Miles 353.9 to 369 We are halfway done with the desert, I realized while hiking today, though except for a day or two, the first half really did not make me… Continue reading


Day 24 Miles: 335.7 to 353.9 The wind was strong and gnarly, and the most unexpected after the calm breezeless night. The area we were at, just six miles away from Cajon Pass… Continue reading


Day 23 Miles: 318 to 335.70 One cool thing about thru hiking is that you constantly see new things. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with in and out hikes because there is… Continue reading


Day 22 Miles 301 to 318 Hot springs right on the trail. How fun is that. We had seven miles to reach them. Luckily the morning dawned much warmer than forecasted and that… Continue reading