GR20 – Day 8 – Corte to Vizzavona

I was little sad to be leaving Corte, it was an unique town to visit and a very relaxing stop, but the truth was we would soon run out of things to do there, and the trail was calling us.

And so we caught train at 1:11 p.m. that would get us back to Vizzavona. Once again we enjoyed 45 minutes of traveling through the most magnificent scenery of the rugged Corsican mountains.

On a train back to the trail

Back in Vizzavona we walked straight to the Refuge and set up. At two there were still good spots to pick from. By 3:30 p.m. lots of the good spots were spoken for and people kept coming.

One of them was Melina, lady from Australia, hiking solo southbound. She joined us for a dinner and then several of the people she met during her journey showed up and next thing we knew there was 7 of us at the table, representing 7 different countries, and since the service was horribly slow – we waited for a pretty bad pizza for more than an hour – we had plenty of time to discuss this trail and other trails we hiked, and gear, and sports, and many other topics in between.

Tomorrow Dave and I enter the territory of the north; steep challenging ascents, long knee destroying descent and lots of scrambling that I know will make me uncomfortable at times. And actually I’m looking forward to it. One has to earn the views, right?



Train from Corte to Vizzavona was €4.50 per person.

Refuge in Vizzavona is the last one with real flushable toilets you’ll see for a while. Enjoy.

There is a power strip available at the Refuge to charge electric. The ports go quickly though.

Several good resupply options exists in Vizzavona. The Refuge itself has a store and there’s a small store near the train station as well.

Avoid Chef du Garo restaurant. It has good reviews and is said to have good pizza but the pizza we received tasted like it was made from frozen and service was quite terrible as well.