About Us


Hi there! We are Gabi and Dave and we are adventurers who like to hike in the mountains every weekend to explore new places or revisit old favorites. We prefer peaks (and the challenge it takes to get to the top, and of course the rewarding views) but nice relaxing day by a mountain lake will do too.

Recently we’ve been bitten by the thru-hiking bug. We completed Wonderland Trail and JMT since and currently we are in the midst of preparation for a 5-month long thru-hike of Pacific Crest Trail. Tag along as we start this hike from Mexico border to Canada on April 24, 2017

The navigation menu on the top will help you to get a quick overview of out trips.  We will frequently post new adventures, gear reviews and backcountry recipes.

Don’t be shy. Leave us a comment or a like if you think the post deserves it, or if you have any questions.We are always happy to help fellow travelers.

Those of you interested in beautiful landscapes might also enjoy browsing through Gabi’s web site where her latest photography is posted as well as announcements about upcoming classes and in near future this will also be a home for photography tutorials.