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Hot Weather Hiking Tips

Helping the Trail

Curious about thru-hiking? In a mood for a hiking story? Looking for motivation to get out more? For a limited time my book I Had a Dream, I Lived It: An Adventure on… Continue reading

8/7/18 – Lone Pine

Day 48 Miles: 0 To hike or not to hike the approximately 100 miles we have left between Reds Meadow and Sonora Pass. We have that discussion over Eggs Benedict at Alabama Hills… Continue reading

8/6/18 – Good Bye Sierra

Day 47 Miles: 792.91 to 789.09 + 7.5 miles to Kearsarge Pass Trailhead I wake up with mixed feelings today. Our Sierra section of the PCT is nearing its end. I feel proud… Continue reading

8/5/18 – Breathtaking Rae Lakes

Day 46 Miles: 808.90 to 792.91 Milky Way is beautiful tonight. Even Dave gets up to see it stretching above Marjorie Lake. The rest of the night is bitterly cold. I am chilly… Continue reading

8/4/18 – Fourteener

Day 45 Miles: 815.95 to 808.90 + Split Mountain scramble and 0.50 miles hike from unnamed lake back to trail The sky is perfectly clear and the stars are out. For a few… Continue reading

8/3/18 – Split Second Decision

Day 44 Miles: 823.03 to 815.95 + 0.50 to unnamed lake bellow Split Mountain If I ever had said Golden Staircase was a set of easy switchbacks, don’t believe a word of it.… Continue reading

8/2/18 – The Storm

Day 43 Miles: 844.40 to 823.03 The smoke is back. I smell it when I wake up at 1:00 a.m. and when I peek out of the tent I see the moonlit landscape… Continue reading

8/1/18 – Evolution Lake

Day 42 Miles: 853.33 to 844.40 We have an early start today, trying to reach Evolution Lake before the afternoon storm occurs. It is a peaceful walk in the morning. We manage to… Continue reading

7/31/18 – Muir Trail Ranch

Day 41 Miles: 866.45 to 853.33 Selden Pass is only 350 feet of vertical gain. It’s an easy morning walk and our timing is awesome. We crest just as the sun has risen… Continue reading