8/1/18 – Evolution Lake

Day 42

Miles: 853.33 to 844.40

We have an early start today, trying to reach Evolution Lake before the afternoon storm occurs. It is a peaceful walk in the morning. We manage to startle a deer who quickly vanishes in bushes, otherwise there is not a soul on the trail for a longest time.

The highlight of today are Evolution Creek crossing which is one of the most serious fords on the trail but today the water is quite mellow, McClure Meadow with a view of Darwin Peak where we stop for a snack and see doe with her baby strolling by, and of course Evolution Lake. We arrive at 11:45 a.m. The clouds have already started to form.

It doesn’t take long for the rain to hit. Dave has an idea of waiting out the storm under a cluster of trees and setting camp after the weather clears. I would have preferred to set up tent and take a nap but in the end we decide to wait the storm out. The first shower is brief, fifteen minutes of solid rain, even some hail. When the rain stops, we find the site we were thinking of completely flooded.

There’s more to the storm. Lightening, thunder, rain that varies in intensity. It’s not until 5:30 when we are finally able to set up.

The evening is lovely. The light colors peaks across the lake as the sun breaks through the clouds. We walk to the lake’s outlet where there is powerful waterfall plunging into the valley. We also find campsites on the top of a small bump with a view into the valley we came from. The sun sets in that direction.

Tomorrow we climb to Muir Pass through some stunning alpine scenery. I’m very much looking forward to it.