7/25/18 – Mammoth Lakes

Day 35

Miles: 0

Our main task for the day is to figure out how to fix our tent. I do not want any leaks when the next storm hits us. Getting our stuff wet in the middle of the High Sierra would not be a good scenario. I e-mail Z-Packs with a word Urgent in the subject line. They come back asking for pictures of the leaks. So we take pictures. We even recreate the water test we performed when we initially found the pinholes and we send them a video of the water seeping through the paper towel. They offer to send us some patches, larger ones that are easier to apply. I ask them if there is anything we can do before getting the patches as obviously they won’t be here before we leave for the mountains tomorrow. No answer.

The air is clear in the morning. We are excited to head to Red’s Meadows tomorrow and start hiking on Friday. In the afternoon the smoke starts creeping back in and by the time night falls, the mountains are not visible at all behind the thick white layer. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Both of us are itching to get back on the trail and finish it but nature keeps throwing sticks under our feet and all we can do is to take it one day at a time. Keep your fingers crossed for us.