7/29/18 – Mono Creek

Day 39

Miles: 0

+ 1.4 from Ferry Landing to Trail

I did something right last night. My sleeping pad is super comfortable and I sleep well. I wake up at 6:49 am, the generator has not started working yet, nobody is moving around. I close my eyes and the next thing I know it is 8:18. Time for a breakfast and after breakfast we loiter at the resort, a behavior which is greatly encouraged by the stuff.

“Where did you hike last year in June?”

The question comes from a lady in pink t-shirt who came on the same boat as us.

“You look really familiar,” she says.

Later she comes with a smile on her face.

“I remember where we met,” she exclaims. “It was in Oregon. Few campsites in really short pines.”

I remember the place instantly. It was mosquito free, we loved it after days of being eaten by the bloodthirsty buggers. It really is incredible how the trail makes people pop in the most unexpected places.

We take the 4:00 pm ferry back and walk from the ferry landing back to the trail. Tons of campsites are available here. We count at least 15 tents. I hope we’re not in a huge southbound bubble.

The smoke is thick today. The sky reminds me of a winter day in Seattle. Even the slopes just directly above us are barely visible. I keep my fingers crossed for better views tomorrow. We should walk past Marie Lake, and from what I remember it was a pretty one.