6/27/18 – Southbound

Day 7 Miles: 1,328.82 To 1,313.29 + 2 miles side trip to Butt Mountain We spend the morning with Trudi and Jeff, and their three wiener dogs who enjoy our attention. We are… Continue reading

6/26/18 – Back in Chester

Day 6 Miles: 0 Its a rather hectic morning. We meet with Swayed at 8:00 a.m. thinking we will go for breakfast. Dave calls Rancheria Shuttle, the same shuttle service we used last… Continue reading

6/25/18 – Skippers

Day 5 Miles: 0 We’re skipping the Sierra again. Can you believe that? Here’s the scoop. We wake up to the smell of fried bacon. The kitchen is next door to our room… Continue reading

6/24/18 – Kearsarge Pass

Day 4 7.5 miles off trail to Onion Valley It happened just before dusk last night, Dave and I were already in our tent trying to go to sleep, when a ranger came… Continue reading

6/23/18 – Forester Pass

Day 3 Miles: 774.72 to 788.47 The morning dawned cold, I’m starting the hike in my down jacket. I take if off soon enough but keep my mid layer little longer. The trail… Continue reading

6/22/18 – Of Heat and Altitude

Day 2 Miles: 760.47 to 774.72 We are up at 5:00, out of camp by 6:00 which is good considering we only managed to squeeze in one overnight trip this year and we’re… Continue reading

6/21/18 – Sierra Welcomes Us

Day 1 Miles: 745.29 to 760.47 + 1.7 Miles to get on trail from Horseshoe Meadow We’re in Lone Pine so we can’t miss breakfast at Alabama Hill Cafe. Like always it hits… Continue reading

Back in Lone Pine

Day 1 – Wednesday 6/20/18 It’s 4:30 am. It’s still dark outside. I’m sitting in the kitchen, eating Ellenos Greek Yogurt and I’m listening to the already busy traffic outside the house. In… Continue reading

One Year Later…

  A year ago, Dave and I embarked on a journey on Pacific Crest Trail, an adventure that changed our lives in so many positive ways. I will be forever grateful for all the amazing… Continue reading

9/13/17 – Monument Moment 

Day 141 Miles: 2,643.74 to 2,650.10 Total miles hiked: 2,009.08 (+17.50 back to Holman Trail junction) The Northern Terminus of Pacific Crest Trail holds a monument similar to the one we saw five… Continue reading