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9/11/17 – Over Hart’s Pass

Day 139 Miles: 2,604.08 to 2,625.28 Total miles hiked: 1,984.26 It was another rather cold morning when we started with all layers on. The trail sloped gently downhill, it was easy on our… Continue reading

9/10/17 – Methow River

Day 138 Miles: 2,580.61 to 2,604.08 Total miles hiked: 1,963.06 Morning dawned chilly and I kept my down jacket on for a long time before I warmed up enough. But the morning walk… Continue reading

9/9/17 – Six Mile Camp

Day 137 Miles: 2,569.42 to 2,580.61 Total miles hiked: 1,939.59 Today we had the luxury of a lazy morning. We were to catch the 11:00 o’clock bus to the bakery and with our… Continue reading

9/7/17 – Beat the Bus

Day 135 Miles: 2,554.56 to 2,569.42 Total miles hiked: 1,928.38 The days are getting shorter as fall approaches. We were up at 5:00 and again we started walking in darkness. I followed the… Continue reading

9/6/17 – Beautiful Basins We Didn’t See

Day 135 Miles: 2,532.77 to 2,554.56 Total miles hiked: 1,913.52 The ups are steep in the North Cascades, and long. The terrain is rough, rocks and roots bite the feet, rouge branches grab… Continue reading

9/5/17 – Hidden Views

Day 134 Miles: 2,511.96 to 2,532.77 Total miles hiked: 1,891.73 I woke up several times during the night and every time the strong scent of smoke hit me. When I looked outside, I… Continue reading

9/4/17 – Broken Bridge, Downed Trees, Steep Climb… and Smoke

Day 133 Miles: 2,491.03 to 2,511.96 Total miles hiked: 1,870.92 Morning at Lake Sally Ann was peaceful. The lake’s surface was still, glass like and the rocks on opposite site reflected in beautiful… Continue reading

9/3/17 – Lake Sally Ann

Day 132 Miles: 2,471.37 to 2,491.03 Total miles hiked: 1,849.99 We got little bit short of our 20 mile goal today but for a good reason. It was impossible to pass the beautiful… Continue reading

9/2/17 – Lake Janus

Day 131 Miles: 2,461.62 to 2,471.37 Total miles hiked: 1,830.33 Can four adults squeeze on a backseat of a passenger car? Well… I’m not sure how comfortable it would be in the beginning… Continue reading

8/31/17 – Stevens Pass

Day 129 Miles: 2,447.70 to 2,461.62 Total miles hiked: 1,820.58 Clouds hugged the peaks above Glacier Lake in the morning, steered by light breeze they contoured mountain sides. It was a nice show… Continue reading