9/2/17 – Lake Janus

Day 131
Miles: 2,461.62 to 2,471.37

Total miles hiked: 1,830.33
Can four adults squeeze on a backseat of a passenger car? Well… I’m not sure how comfortable it would be in the beginning of the hike but by now we all lost some weight, and on the short distance between Leavenworth and Stevens Pass it worked quite well. 

We didn’t miss breakfast in town, and we also took advantage of last off trail lunch at Stevens Pass, and when we finally left the trailhead, it was already 12:45 pm. We planned on a very short out of town day so the late start didn’t matter, though the heat was quite brutal at that time of the day.
Andrea and Jon quickly left us in dust. We plowed behind them our usual speed which was occasionally slowed by chatting with day hikers and other backpackers. We saw many people today, being a long weekend. Many seemed to be out on a blueberry hunt. 

Janus Lake is not a spectacular alpine lake but camping on its shore was still quite nice. We got to camp just shortly after 5:00 pm and for a change we had enough time to have dinner and a long chat with Andrea and Jon before the sun sat bellow horizon and the cooler air chased us into our sleeping bags.