9/6/17 – Beautiful Basins We Didn’t See

Day 135
Miles: 2,532.77 to 2,554.56

Total miles hiked: 1,913.52
The ups are steep in the North Cascades, and long. The terrain is rough, rocks and roots bite the feet, rouge branches grab for our packs. By the end of each day our bodies feel defeated, our legs cramp, our back hurt, pain shoots through our feet. Yet I am compelled to come back in the future. Why?

Our day started in the forest today. It was dark when we woke up, dark when we left camp, but light enough after we filtered water for our morning hike.
The trail was a long downhill first on a trail wider and more manicured than the usual PCT. Tall old growth trees lined the path. Later we found out this grove was nearly logged but establishing Glacier Peak Wilderness saved those trees for us to see today.

Crossing Siuattle River meant beginning of our uphill. We had 6,000 feet to climb again and I was little worried how my legs would hold after the big climb yesterday. They did fine, mostly due to a well graded trail.

The uphill brought the treats. Basins with waterfalls originating from glaciers up the slopes, greenery around the streams, and of course majestic peaks everywhere. Well, everywhere the smoke let us see. And that was a very limited view. Things looked fine 20, perhaps 30 feet around us, anything further was hazy. Landscape in the distance disappeared into smoke completely.
And so one day I’ll come back to experience the views bright and clear. 
But first things first. Tomorrow we are hiking into Steheiken. Shower and real food awaits. Here we come, world famous bakery!!!