9/10/17 – Methow River

Day 138
Miles: 2,580.61 to 2,604.08

Total miles hiked: 1,963.06
Morning dawned chilly and I kept my down jacket on for a long time before I warmed up enough. But the morning walk was a pretty one with views all around us. We walked through a valley and all the peaks seemed super tall.

At the end of the valley, we arrived at Hwy 20, and our probably last trail magic on the trail. Hot dogs, corn on a cob, fruit, drinks cold and hot, it was awesome.

We ate enough to have good energy for the climb to Cutthroat Pass. The change of the season was really visible on this climb, berries were past their prime, dry, frozen perhaps, and their leaves dark reds. Higher up several larches were already changing into their yellow coat. 
Most of our afternoon was spent above tree line. We traversed to Granite Pass and then there was a long rising traverse towards Methow Pass. Along the way we passed the camp site we planned to stay at. It was only 3:30 pm and we decided to push 6 more miles to the next camp with water nearby. 

Most of the six miles were downhill and we flew, arriving before 6:00 pm. so that most of chores were done before dark. 

Tomorrow we’ll cross Heart’s Pass. We’re getting really close!!!