9/3/17 – Lake Sally Ann

Day 132
Miles: 2,471.37 to 2,491.03

Total miles hiked: 1,849.99
We got little bit short of our 20 mile goal today but for a good reason. It was impossible to pass the beautiful alpine lake with quite fabulous views when the next two camp sites were tucked somewhere in the forest without a water source nearby.

Hard work but fabulous views

We arrived at Lake Sally Ann at 6:00 pm and for the second evening in a row we actually had decent amount of time to do our chores, including blueberry picking, that was especially important because morning oatmeal without wild blueberries is simply not complete.
The trail today had us up and down many times for a total elevation gain of 5,500 feet. The path was easier today, mostly dirt, less rocky than in last few days but gaining the hills with heavy packs was still a challenge, and the hot sun was not helping our cause. 
It was really hot in the afternoon. We noticed it severely when we walked onto an exposed slope after lunch spend on a shaded meadow. Even the breeze was hot, blasted into our faces. It was hard going for a while, there was a constant stream of sweat dripping down our faces, and we even made an extra water stop to make sure we were properly hydrated.

Enjoyed chilling by the lake very much

Views made up for the unpleasant heat. In the morning we got incredible vistas of Glacier Peak, and later in the afternoon we walked through more open terrain of meadows and slopes with hints of fall color. 


I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Morning will take us on Cady Ridge and around Kodak Peak, which we had a chance to visit last year during a two day backpacking trip, and then we will be in a new territory. We’re getting even closer to Glacier Peak. It should be another great day.