9/9/17 – Six Mile Camp

Day 137
Miles: 2,569.42 to 2,580.61

Total miles hiked: 1,939.59
Today we had the luxury of a lazy morning. We were to catch the 11:00 o’clock bus to the bakery and with our bellies full we were to hop on the next red bus that would take us back to the trail. Everything worked just as we planned and by 12:30 pm we were walking north again.

My back could feel the weight of the extra food, we were carrying 7 days worth, larger load than we were used to lately, and I broke more sweat than I normally would, but otherwise the terrain was surprisingly mild today with rolling ups and downs, some steeper than others but none too long or too exhausting.

Fall is becoming more visible every day. Leaves of the bushes around the trail are turning yellow and brown. Some have already fallen. 
The smoke lifted today and we could for once breathe quite well when hiking. It’s only temporary relief but it’s most welcome. If we are lucky we might have one more smoke free day.  
Our camp today was still within the boundary of North Cascades NP and we had to obtain a permit in Steheiken ahead of time to be able to camp here. Andrea and Jon arrived earlier than us and held a good site for which we were thankful. The camp filled by the time darkness rolled in.
Familiar views are waiting for us tomorrow around Hwy 20. I’m looking forward to them.