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7/30/17 – No Reflection in Mirror Lake

Day 98 Miles: 1,932.77 to 1,956.32 Total miles hiked: 1,360.17 My imagination pictured fabulous reflections when I saw Sisters Mirror Lake on Halfmile app. It sounded exactly like a place I could spend… Continue reading

7/29/17 – Halfway There

Day 97 Miles: 1,908.21 to 1,932.77 Total miles hiked: 1,336.62 1,325. It is an strange number to celebrate but PCTers who come this far do. It means that we have successfully completed half… Continue reading

7/28/17 – Shelter Cove and Beyond

Day 96 Miles: 11.43 on OST alternate plus 1,904.15 to 1,908.21 Total miles hiked: 1,312.06 (+2.11 from Shelter Cove back to PCT) The trail treated us kindly today with uphills not too steep,… Continue reading

7/27/17 – Oregon Skyline Trail

Day 95 Miles: 1,867.11 to 1,875.75 + 9.17 on OST alternate Total miles hiked: 1,296.57 During a common year, the Oregon Skyline Trail alternate is not much utilized among PCT hikers. This year;… Continue reading

7/26/17 – Finally Some Easy Miles

Day 94 Miles: 1,845.46 to 1,867.11 Total miles hiked: 1,278.76 The weather held till about 3:30 in the morning. Then the rain came down hard and it still rained at 5:00 when we… Continue reading

7/25/17 – Thundershowers 

Day 93 3.72 miles on Rim Trail alternate plus Miles: 1,836.73 to 1,845.46 Total miles hiked: 1,257.11 Our challenge for today was to get back to where we left off yesterday. The first… Continue reading

7/24/17 – The Journey from Mazama Village Along Rim Trail and Back

Day 92 Miles 1,818.43 to 1,820.53 + 8 miles on alternate Rim Trail route. (+ 1 mile from Mazama Village to PCT) Total miles hiked: 1,244.66 We knew it will be a semi… Continue reading

7/23/17 – Mazama Village

Day 91 Miles: 1,806.39 to 1,818.43 Total miles hiked: 1,234.56 (Plus 1 mile to Mazama Village) Getting up today was not super easy. A group of younger hikers came to our site late… Continue reading

7/22/17 – More Blowdowns and Mosquitoes 

Day 90 Miles: 1,789.48 to 1,806.39 Total miles hiked: 1,222.52 Morning was beautiful today with alpenglow on trees near our tent. We usually don’t see alpenglow from the window of our tent but… Continue reading

7/19/17 – A Long Day

Miles: 1,725.61 to 1,750.26Total miles hiked: 1,166.39 So far we didn’t have much problem with condensation, this morning was the only second time on this trip when we woke up with the walls… Continue reading