7/27/17 – Oregon Skyline Trail

Day 95
Miles: 1,867.11 to 1,875.75

+ 9.17 on OST alternate

Total miles hiked: 1,296.57
During a common year, the Oregon Skyline Trail alternate is not much utilized among PCT hikers. This year; however it’s been a popular choice due to heavy amount snow on the regular PCT which runs about 1,000 feet higher.

One of the beautiful lakes

It is a rather mellow trail that meanders through a forest of shorter evergreens. Not much shade can be found here for that reason and with the sandy trail underfoot, we felt like we were thrown back into the desert. 
Skyline does not seem to be the appropriate name for this trail since at no point you are high on the ridge. Lakeside trail would be a better choice as the trail skirts many lakes and ponds. The abundance of water was the main difference between the sandy terrain in South California and here in Oregon.

Always a welcome sight

At the shore of one of these lakes we scored our first huckleberries. We saw many bushes higher up in the mountains but up there the plants have not yet even bloomed while here the red berries beckoned us to stop and pick.


By dinner time we arrived at one of the two major lakes in the area, Crescent Lake. Spring Campground was already full and so we only cooked dinner here, it was easy with spigot with potable water available, no filtering needed, and then we moved on little ways up the trail. Alarm was set for 4:30 a.m. Shelter Cove Resort is only 12 miles away. If we push, we might be having pizza for lunch.