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Day 18 Miles: 256 to 266 We only had 10 miles to hike and so we slept in half an hour, rising at 5:30 am. The morning was cold and dump once again… Continue reading


Day 17 Miles: 235 to 256 Today was a good day to make big miles. For several different reasons. The morning was cool and it made for a pleasant walk. We could see… Continue reading


Day 16 Miles: 217 to 235 The night was not as restful as we imagined. There was a van parked near where we camped and they drove back and forth the parking lot… Continue reading


Day 14 Miles: 190.5 to 205 Neither of us got a good sleep. The wind howled at speed that was forecasted to be up to 50 mph and the snow kept coming. We… Continue reading


Day 13 Mile: 183 to 190.50 (Plus 4.00 miles Deer Spring Trail and 4.6 miles St. Jacinto climb) If I told you that I’m hunkered in my sleeping bag, cold still, typing this… Continue reading


Day 11 Miles: 131 to 151 (+ hitch to Idyllwild) Sometimes things are too good to be true. Like a quality water in the desert. Today water report promised a nice spring about… Continue reading


Day 10 Miles: 115 to 131  In the desert you have two best friends. Water and wind. Water is infrequent and often cached in barrels so coming upon a natural creek is real… Continue reading


Day 9 Miles: 109.2 to 115 Imagine a town where local sherif comes to a campground in the morning and offers hikers a ride to a post office which is 1.2 miles away.… Continue reading


Day 8 Miles: 105 to 109.2 So sadly today we had to say good bye to most of our trail family as they were moving up the trail while we were moving to… Continue reading


Day 7 Mile: 91 to 105 The temperature fell considerably during the night. It was cold in the morning as well. But the cold didn’t last long. The sun was upon us as… Continue reading