7/19/17 – A Long Day

Miles: 1,725.61 to 1,750.26Total miles hiked: 1,166.39
So far we didn’t have much problem with condensation, this morning was the only second time on this trip when we woke up with the walls of our tent being wet. I kind of expected that given our site in the middle of s grassy meadow with water flowing nearby.

Another morning

Once again we were first out of camp. We hiked in peaceful serenity for a long time before some of the youngsters we’ve been leap frogging with caught up with us. This group hikes fast but they like their breaks and at the end of the day we end up at similar location.

The trail wasn’t super scenic today. Except for several meadows and a small waterfall at the outlet of Hyatt Lake we spent most of the time in forest. The grade remained in challenging and miles went by decently fast. That was a good thing. We estimated 3 days to get to Fish Lake Resort, 15 miles out of town and 20 each of the two remaining days but yesterday we only pulled 10 and it was nice to catch up with our plan today.

Pretty lunch spot

This meant pushing late into the evening. We made a quick stop at Grizzly Creek to refill our water bottles and ate dinner there while filtering water, and then we continued hiking until 7:30 p.m. when we found a flat off spot little bit off the trail. There were no official camp sites listed for this section and this area cushioned with long pine needles was perfect.

We still have to hike 23 miles tomorrow to get to Fish Lake but we have a good incentive to make the miles. If we can get there by 7:00 p.m. we can get burgers from the local cafe. Let’s see if we can make it.

Small waterfall