7/25/17 – Thundershowers 

Day 93

3.72 miles on Rim Trail alternate plus

Miles: 1,836.73 to 1,845.46

Total miles hiked: 1,257.11
Our challenge for today was to get back to where we left off yesterday. The first part was easy. We took trolley from Mazama Village to Rim Village. From there, we had to find a private ride. Hitching is illegal in the park but I really wasn’t up for hiking the miles again, they were not the easiest ones, so we hitched anyways. 

There was not much traffic in the morning and many cars were very full but in the end we got a ride from a couple who is on a 4 month road trip.

Morning view. Sorry not many photos, phone battery run out

Hiking was easy today. Not as scenic as yesterday but the flat path leading through a thin forest was rather unchallenging. The only obstacles were few puddles in the middle of the trail. 

Always a welcome sight

Couple water caches were provided from trail angels which was very nice, otherwise we would have to carry water for about 20 miles.
Just like yesterday, the weather deteriorated in the afternoon. It happened much faster today, the first thunder roared above our heads just shortly after lunch and it persisted for several hours. Occasional light showers accompanied the thundering but they were rather brief and it was warm outside so we did not put any rain gear on. 
With a late start, and lots of socializing, we didn’t hike many miles today. Tomorrow we’ll have to play catch up.