7/23/17 – Mazama Village

Day 91
Miles: 1,806.39 to 1,818.43

Total miles hiked: 1,234.56
(Plus 1 mile to Mazama Village)
Getting up today was not super easy. A group of younger hikers came to our site late last night and they were very vocal (in unnecessarily loud way) till close to 10:00 p.m. Still we were up early, trying to get to Mazama Village as soon as possible.

Colorful burn

Blown downs kept shattering our progress. There were 50 trees laying across the trail in the first 20 minutes of walking. Dealing with the mess third day in a row was not much fun.

The trail improved greatly once we entered Crater Lake National Park. Recent trail maintenance was visible even though small snow patches still lingered around, and we were thankful for the people who made it here and cleared the trail. 

Lupine everywhere

Mosquitoes were a nuisance again, especially in the wee morning hour. Their presence lessened as the day progressed, and not many bugged us at Mazama Village at all. In the Mazama Village store, we armed ourselves with a deer free mosquito repellent so that we can sit for lunch during the next section not being eaten alive.

Arriving at Mazama Village at noon allowed us to complete some chores and rest a little and in the evening we enjoyed trail magic from hikers we met in the desert section and who are now off the trail due to injury. 
My attempt to order few things on internet failed miserably. The two bar LTE was rather frustrating to work with but some of our clothing needs replacement so I’ll give it one more try tomorrow morning.