Westweg Day 6: Hark – Büchereck

I have never seen more mushrooms in my life. Boletes. Shaggy parousels. More boletes. Hundreds of boletes. Do Germans ever go mushrooming? Seriously. I though I died and went to mycological heaven.

Just wow

We had our share of blackberries and raspberries too. Raspberries as an after breakfast dessert, blackberries mostly in the afternoon.

And we had pie too. It was an unexpected treat at Hohenlochen Hütte where we arrived after a three-hour walk. The warden gave us a warm welcome and for a small donation we received coffee and a piece of pie each. There is also a place to sleep. Small wooden shed that holds 5 platforms. Super cute thing if you wished to end your day here.

Sleeping shed at Hohenlochen Hütte

Today we also crossed the Half way point when we arrived into town of Hausach. Hausach is spread in a valley next to a peaceful flowing stream. It’s a town with all the luxuries a town offers, a restaurant, hotels, grocery store, bank, visitor center (which is not opened during weekends). Being Saturday, all hotels were booked and so we made a stop at a grocery store to buy more bread and cheese, and wine, and we pushed on uphill towards the next hut. One thousand feet in a mile, it was a serious climb.

Let’s check the views

Being Saturday the hut was busy too. Teenagers roasting sausages. Ladies sunbathing. Another group singing to a guitar song. Many beer bottles lay around, two kegs were also sitting in plain sight.

Sitting on the sun with a decent view into the valley and listening to the guitar was tempting but this was obviously the party hut tonight, not much rest to be had and so we decided to push on into a calmer territory.

Descending to Hausach

The next hut, 3.5 km down the hill gave us what we needed. The area was staged for a festival tomorrow, with tables and big canvas tents around but nobody was here when we arrived and in the end we only shared the place with two cyclists that came later on. Bonus was a spring just 90 meters away.


There is no food or water available between Hark and Hausach.

Hausach is a good town to resupply on groceries, cash, and maybe spend a rest day if you need one, though on Saturday no accommodation was available.

Two springs can be found after Hausach. One just shortly before the first hut and one 90 meters from the second hut.

On the way out of Hausach.

Hausach from above.

Home sweet home.