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6/12/17 – Welcome to the Sierra

Day 50 Miles: 689.06 to 702 Does the trail warn us? Or does it just test us? That’s a question I asked myself on the morning when I opened the vestibule of our… Continue reading

6/11/17 – Walking on the Windy Side

Day 49 Miles: 668.69 to 689.06 The morning was beautifully quiet with just a hint of color in the clouds that hovered high above us. I think we were the first ones out… Continue reading

6/10/17 – Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Day

Day 47 Miles: 652 to 668.69 Just as he promised, the trail angel picked us up at Lake Isabella Motel at 6:00 a.m. During a conversation with Sunkist yesterday he suggested he would… Continue reading

6/9/17 – Busy Rest Day

´╗┐Day 47 Miles: 0 Sometimes there are not many chores that have to be done on zero day but generally rest days are not about resting at all. Today Dave and I had… Continue reading

6/8/17 – Lake Isabella

Day 46 Miles: 644 to 652 “Can we sleep in tomorrow?” asked Dave after our alpine start hike yesterday. We only had eight miles to hike and I agreed that under those circumstances… Continue reading

6/7/17 – Night Hikers

Day 45 Miles: 624 to 644 The sky was full of stars when we emerged from our tent at 2:30 in the morning and the moon shone so brightly that we almost could… Continue reading

6/6/17 – Hot, Dry, and Rather Miserable Traverse

Day 44 Miles: 604.43 to 624 The morning was cold. Not just cool but actually cold enough to warrant hiking in puffy jacket and gloves, and it felt amazingly refreshing. We knew we… Continue reading

6/5/17 – Forest, for a change

Day 43 Miles: 587.25 to 604.43 Today the trail took us through another burn and our friend Poodle Dog Bush was back, and its tiny purple blooms, as poisonous as they were, livened… Continue reading

6/4/17 – Back on the Trail

Day 42 Miles: 566 to 587.25 Our strategy today was to hike little over 17 miles to Golden Oaks spring. It was supposed to be a hot day, and if we got at… Continue reading

6/2 + 6/3 Double Zero

Days: 40 and 41 Miles: 0 It was weekend and weekends are meant for rest, right? So even though we arrived to Tehachapi a day earlier than expected, we decided to keep our… Continue reading