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6/1/17 – Flying

Day 39 Miles: 541.5 to 566.4 “How much water should we carry?” Dave asked. Ahead of us was a 25 mile waterless stretch, and this was Mojave, the hot unforgiving desert we had… Continue reading

5/31/17 – Mojave Rain

Day 38 Miles: 517 to 541.5 “Wouldn’t it be fun if it rained on us in Mojave?” I joked couple of days ago while the sun was baking up to perfection.  Today we… Continue reading

5/30/17 – Hiker Town

Day 37 Miles: 508 to 517 The trail finally dropped us on the desert floor today. It did so in a course of 10 miles during which we had a chance to witness… Continue reading

5/29/17 – I Will Walk 500 Miles…

Day: 36 Miles: 493.5 to 508 The alarm rang at 4:00 a.m. this morning and while looking into the darkness of the pre-dawn world, my mind recollecte the words we heard often when… Continue reading

5/28/17 – Hot Hot and Hotter

Day 35 Miles: 477 to 493.4 When the forecast suggests a hot day, we like to set our alarm early and hike most of our daily miles while it’s still cool outside. Today;… Continue reading


Day 34 Miles: 465.50 to 477 Climbing 3,000 feet on a 85 degree day can be fun. Seriously. All you have to do is set your alarm for 4:00 in the morning and… Continue reading


Day 33 Miles: 454 to 465.50 Hiker Heaven has a two nights maximum stay and I’m sure if the limit was not set, some hikers would gladly spend the duration of their hike… Continue reading

5/25/17 – Hiker Heaven 

Day 32 Miles: 444 to 454 Today turned out to be one of my favorite days on trail. The sun remained behind clouds most of the morning and for once we nearly felt… Continue reading

5/24/17 – Lazy Hikers

Day 31 Miles: 436 to 444 For our first month on the trail we treated ourselves with a nero day and a luxurious stay at Acton KOA which included shower, laundry, and swimming… Continue reading

5/23/17 – Snake Dancing 

Day 30 Miles: 421.24 to 436 So many times along the trail we said: “If they put a cooler here with soda for $1.00, they could make some money.” Today we finally found… Continue reading