6/2 + 6/3 Double Zero

Days: 40 and 41
Miles: 0
It was weekend and weekends are meant for rest, right? So even though we arrived to Tehachapi a day earlier than expected, we decided to keep our original reservation and ended up taking a full two zero days here.

Jacuzzi Time

Tehachapi is a town of a decent size which means a trip to post office puts 3 miles on your legs, groceries are another 3 miles round trip on the opposite site of the town. Luckily this town has the most awesome trail angels, some of whom spent whole day driving hikers around town so that they can run their errands in comfort. 

Delicious treats at German Bakery

We met Dog Bite at the post office through our friend Cotton Candy who was picking up her package there just like us and offered us to share her ride back. Dog Bite later picked us up at the store after we resupplied for the following section, drove us back to the post office to bounce few items ahead, and agreed to take us back to trailhead on Sunday at the crack of the dawn. He told us he gets up every day at 4:00 a.m. because he understands that hikers need to hit the trail early. It really takes a special person to do that.

Having two days here meant we had a chance to meet many of our trail friends here, starting with Amanda and Larry whom we haven’t seen since Hiker Heaven. We spend an afternoon catching up before they left to continue their hike. Swayed ventured to check out the town of Mojave so unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to see him but there were many others and quite a few of them are heading to the trail tomorrow and we are happy that we will be sharing the miles with them again.

Treating myself with Thai tea

The next stretch will take us to Lake Isabella. It will be the most remote part of the trail we have experienced to this point and I might not be able to post regularly, if at all. We should be there in six days. If you don’t hear from me before, I’ll talk to you then. 

Tomorrow we have ramens, tonight we ate well