6/9/17 – Busy Rest Day

Day 47
Miles: 0
Sometimes there are not many chores that have to be done on zero day but generally rest days are not about resting at all.

Small but clean rooms. Very hiker friendly. Enjoyed our stay here.

Today Dave and I had to come up with a plan for the stretch to Kennedy Meadows, how many days it would take us and consequently how much food we needed.
Afterwards we headed to the library where the two of us and our SloBo friends researched options for bypassing the Sierra. According to satellite images area around Belden and all the way up to Ashland has the least amount of snow on the trail. We’ve heard several people flipped that direction and hopefully by the time we reach Lone Pine, we will have a first hand information on what the ground conditions are really like.

Lovely scenery around Lake Isabella

Dinner follow. Dave skipped it, he was not feeling well after eating spicy Mexican food yesterday, and he decided to head back to our motel and take a rest. 
The rest of us, Sunkised, Unicorn, Monarch, Captain Underpants, and I headed to Shady Burger to see how shady the burgers really are. They were good; however Captain Underpants had to step outside to take a phone call and when he got back he found a small Splenda packets under his burger patty. That was not on the menu. Someone probably thought that he needed the calories. 

Sunset in town

In the evening the only thing left was to pack and prepare to get back to trail. Sunkised talked to a trail angel that agreed to pick us up at 6:00 a.m. and take us to the trailhead at Walker Pass. We were happy that we would be able to hit the trail early, next confirmed water source is 17 miles away and it would be nice to make it there.