6/4/17 – Back on the Trail

Day 42
Miles: 566 to 587.25

Our strategy today was to hike little over 17 miles to Golden Oaks spring. It was supposed to be a hot day, and if we got at least 10 miles in before siesta, we could manage the rest in the evening after it cooled down.

Dog Bite picked us up at the hotel at 4:45 a.m. We were the first hikers he drove today. There was not much to be seen from the windows of his vehicle, the desert was still concealed in darkness at that time. 

But not for much longer. By the time we were ready to hit the trail shortly after 5:00, there was enough light to hike without headlamps.

The trail meandered along the highway for about 2 miles. We saw 2 trains passing by, whistling their horns loudly. The traffic was busy too for early Sunday morning.


Then finally we left the civilization behind and started climbing into the mountains. The ascend gained about 2000 feet of elevation and even after that the trail was not done with us. Two more climbs awaited us, luckily they were not horribly steep.

The sun was out today and without breeze it was decently hot. I was happy that we would walk past some wind mills where I was sure we would find refreshing wind to cool us but even though the turbines spun, the air on the trail remained still so every hour or so we found shady spot and took a short break to cool off before we continued.

More windmills

Golden Oak Spring was our last water for the next 18 miles. Just as expected we found hikers chilling in the shade by the water. Our friends Sunkist and Captain Underpants were here, and later Louise and Pancake showed up, and the biggest surprise was to see White Ghost and his friend again. We were sure they were miles ahead.

It was here where we met Míša as well. Míša is from Czech Republic and just started the trail couple days ago in Mojave. We spend some time chatting at the spring and later we camped together and had longer conversation, all in Czech which was great.

Siesta time

Another long day awaits us tomorrow. I’ve been happy with today, except for the regular sore feet (everybody has sore feet by now) and occasional soreness in my back, I felt great. Even the heat did not get to me as much as it usually would. I doubt I acclimated to it though. More likely I felt good because we were cool Ming off from two days of rest and eating good food. Hopefully I can keep the performance up. It would surely come handy during the upcoming 35 mile waterless stretch. But that’s a story for another day.