5/24/17 – Lazy Hikers

Day 31
Miles: 436 to 444
For our first month on the trail we treated ourselves with a nero day and a luxurious stay at Acton KOA which included shower, laundry, and swimming pool.

Dropping into the valley, but not without few uphills

Hiking was on an easy downhill today, the trail left the rocky reaches and the path was smooth and soft, and our feet were happy the whole 8 miles of our walk.

On our way down we saw the browns of Mojave, the driest desert in North America spreading in front of us. It looked beautiful from afar, rolling hills, not overly steep or tall weaving across the horizon. 

I’ll miss the greens and their shade down there

The thought of crossing the dry, exposed, and unforgiving terrain was daunting though, and for the moment I was glad for the two easier days we planned for ourselves before taking the desert head on.

Somebody needs a shower

By 10:00 a.m. we stood on a hillside atop Acton KOA. Halfmile app suggested we still had 2 miles to get there which seemed impossible. As crow flies it was maybe a quarter mile away. Yet the trail found a way to take us on a scenic detour, contouring two hills before making a turn back and dropping us down in the valley and finally letting us stroll to the campground.

Yum, Yum, Yum

Amanda, Larrry, and Swayed caught up to us today. We had a happy reunion catching up on the events since we parted few days earlier, and comparing our plans and non plans for the next couple of days. 

It was a great lazy day, and if everything goes good, we might enjoy similar experience at Hiker Heaven tomorrow.