5/30/17 – Hiker Town

Day 37
Miles: 508 to 517

Clouds in the sky. So appreciated.

The trail finally dropped us on the desert floor today. It did so in a course of 10 miles during which we had a chance to witness amazing sunrise and discover new plants. The one than caught our attention most was a tree with eye catching elongated blooms. 

Every day brings something new

The trail descended from the higher mountains and then continued rolling up and over and around the smaller hills in the forefront and then suddenly there was no more downhill to descend and the ground was as flat as a pancake. 

Heading towards Hiker Town

Less then a mile through the valley we came upon Hwy 138 and Hiker Town which is a set of small buildings resembling old western town where hikers can rent a room or hostel bunk, or even pitch a tent. Every hour a shuttle comes from a Market and Grill which is about 4 miles away and takes hikers to get food and small resupply. Little further yet is Wee Will Market and Grill where Dave and I ended up eating. Best burgers, super friendly owners, the rumor has it they let some hikers stay in the yard and even use their pool. 

We enjoyed our burgers

And the milkshake too

Back in Hiker Town everyone gathered around a table in the shade and chatted till the sun got cooler. Then most of the hikers took off to night hike the next 17 miles waterless section and the two of us retreated to our room to get some rest before our alpine start tomorrow. 

Chilling at Hiker Town

Hotel is the building we stayed in