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8/17/17 – Up and Up and Up We Go

Blog 8/17 – Up and Up and Up Day 115 Miles: 2,179.59 to 2,202.74 Total miles hiked: 1,561.70 It’s curious how miles can feel completely different from one day to another. Yesterday we… Continue reading

8/16/17 – Panther Creek

Day 114 Miles: 2,159.26 to 2,179.59 Total miles hiked: 1,538.55 The days are getting shorter. Daylight did not welcome us when we woke up at 5:00 a.m. today. Instead the horizon carried hues… Continue reading

8/15/17 – First Climb in Washington 

Day 113 Miles: 2,144.19 to 2,159.26 Total miles hiked: 1,518.22 I was little worried about going back to the trail after 3.5 days off and starting right off the bat by climbing out… Continue reading

8/11/17 to 8/13/17 – Washington Postponed 

Days 109 + 110 + 111 Miles: 0 No matter how excited we were to start hiking in our home state, the trail once again had a different plan for us and instead… Continue reading

8/10/17 – Cascade Locks

Day 108 Miles: 2,132.79 to 2,144.19Total miles hiked: 1,503.15 The trail was mostly downhill today and that helped a bunch. I went through another sleepless night, my grumbling stomach kept me up well… Continue reading

8/9/17 – Wouldn’t be a thru hike without a little stomach bug

Day 107 Miles: 2,116.14 to 2,132.79 Total miles hiked: 1,491.75 I really really wanted to be in Cascade Locks tonight but there is only as much as you can do when you are… Continue reading

8/8/17 – Upset Stomach

Day 106 2,099.53 to 2,116.14 1,458.49 + 16.63 = 1,475.10 Something felt off in the morning. I felt very tired from the moment I woke up, but I pushed through it, and packed… Continue reading

8/7/17 – Breakfast Buffet

Day 105 Miles: 2,088.97 to 2,099.53 Total miles hiked: 1,458.49 It was about 6 p.m. last night when we met several southbounders not more than 5 miles past Timberline Lodge. We asked them… Continue reading

8/6/17 – Dozer Loves Thru Hikers

Blog 8/6 – Dozer loves Thruhikers Day 104 Miles: 2,066.58 to 2,088.97 Total miles hiked: 1,447.93 We continued hiking through the green tunnel today and the one time a view of Mt. Hood… Continue reading

8/5/17 – Hiking the Green Tunnel

Blog 8/5 Day 104 Miles: 2,043.05 to 2,066.58 Total miles hiked: 1,425.54 Refreshed after the enormous amount of food we consumed yesterday and a good time chatting with fellow hikers for the entire… Continue reading