8/10/17 – Cascade Locks

Day 108

Miles: 2,132.79 to 2,144.19Total miles hiked: 1,503.15
The trail was mostly downhill today and that helped a bunch. I went through another sleepless night, my grumbling stomach kept me up well after midnight, and I felt like I was sleepwalking the entire day.

One of the rare views

There weren’t many views along the trail, and when once in a while we walked past an opening, the landscape was hazy. The smoke did not dissipate yet but with rain in forecast hopefully the air will clear soon. 

The forest was pretty today, especially through Benson Plateau, and later lower down where several creeks crossed the trail, offering refreshment on this hot day.

Benson Plateau, easy forest walk

Cascade Locks is a friendly compact town sitting on Columbia River. We walked in and Bridge of Gods was directly to our right. We will walk across it to Washington, our home state after a rest day. It’s going to be interesting experience, I’m sure, as the bridge is now super wide and there is no pedestrian lane, you pretty much walk with the traffic. 

Not much happened in town today as far as chores go. I needed to rest and that’s what I did after a quick stop at a store to pick Gatorade (the Green Apple flavor is pretty addictive) and some ammonium.

Approaching Cascade Locks

I felt better after several hours of napping, good enough to head for dinner. I haven’t eaten much in last couple of days and it was time to replenish the lost calories with some pizza. It feels good to feel better. Few more good meals tomorrow and I should have my strength back to tackle Washington.