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7/16/17 – Ashland

Day 84 Miles: 1,693.57 to 1,715.17 Total miles hiked: 1,131.30 The balls of my feet have been hurting lately as we started putting more miles in over a rocky terrain. Yesterday especially my… Continue reading

7/15/17 – Welcome to Oregon

Day 83 Miles: 1,671.20 to 1,693.57 Total miles hiked: 1,109.71 The wind that scoured the neighborhood of our site last night eventually died out and when I woke up in the middle of… Continue reading

7/14/17 – The Big Climb

Day 82 Miles: 1,653.43 to 1,671.20 Total miles hiked: 1,087.34 “Shall we stay for breakfast?” Dave asked just before we went to bed last night.  Real food sounded good but the cafe did… Continue reading

7/13/17 – Obstacle Course

Day 81 Miles: 1,626.56 to 1,653.43 Total miles hiked: 1,069.57 Today was not the most scenic hiking day and we hiked nearly 27 miles and I’m falling asleep as I type this so… Continue reading

7/12/17 – Wildflowers, Waterfalls, and Annoying Snow Patches

Day 80 Miles: 1,607.87 to 1,626.56 Total miles hiked: 1,042.70 We left camp before Robin and Ulrike who camped with us even stirred in their sleeping bags. I had high hopes for today.… Continue reading

7/11/17 – Wildfire

Day 79 Miles: 1,597.25 to 1,607.87Total miles hiked: 1,024.01 Originally we thought of taking a full zero day at Etna but the motel was fully booked for the second night so we decided… Continue reading

7/10/17 – Etna

Day 78 Miles: 1,591.47 to 1,597.25Total miles hiked: 1,013.39 With less than 6 miles to town, we started our day an hour later. It was a decision we hoped we wouldn’t regret. Etna… Continue reading

7/9/17 – One Thousand Miles

Day 77 Miles: 1,571.28 to 1,591.47 Total miles hiked: 1,007.61 The highlight of today was Russian Wilderness. We had quite some climb to get there and when we first started I did not… Continue reading

7/2/17 – Back in Civilization Again

Day 70 Miles: 1,486.94 to 1,498.65 Total miles hiked: 914.80 The wind blew strong through the night, we could hear it in the crowns of the trees. Not much of it touched the… Continue reading

7/1/17 – Baby Bears

Day 69 Miles: 1,468.42 to 1,486.94 Total miles hiked: 903.09 Today was Canada Day and so I let Dave sleep in little longer, all the way till 5:30 a.m. which considering that it… Continue reading