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7/2/17 – Back in Civilization Again

Day 70 Miles: 1,486.94 to 1,498.65 Total miles hiked: 914.80 The wind blew strong through the night, we could hear it in the crowns of the trees. Not much of it touched the… Continue reading

7/1/17 – Baby Bears

Day 69 Miles: 1,468.42 to 1,486.94 Total miles hiked: 903.09 Today was Canada Day and so I let Dave sleep in little longer, all the way till 5:30 a.m. which considering that it… Continue reading

6/30/17 – Wildlife

Day 68Miles: 1,447.55 to 1,468.42 Total miles hiked: 884.57 Our site was perfectly flat and comfortable and the moment I saw it, I immediately though a really good night sleep. And it was.… Continue reading

6/29/17 – Slow Miles

Day 67 Miles: 1,432.10 to 1,447.55 Total miles hiked: 863.70 I wish we could have a site with a view every day. It was awesome to wake up and see Mt. Shasta basking… Continue reading

6/27/17 – Burney Falls

Day 65 Miles: 1,408.80 to 1,416.54 Plus 0.26 miles to Burney Falls State Park Campground Total miles hiked: 832.69 The taxi we thought we would take back to the trailhead did not run… Continue reading

6/25/17 – 6/26/17 – Double Zero

Days 63 and 64 Miles: 0 We did not plan to take two zero days in Burney but my feet needed to heal before continuing our journey through the lava fields of Northern… Continue reading

6/24/17 – Record Breaking Heatwave

Day 62 Miles: 1,389.59 to 1,408.80 Total miles hiked: 824.95 Our makeshift campsite under a juniper tree was very comfortable and if it wasn’t for the thread of another very hot day, we… Continue reading

6/22/17 – How Not to Cross a River

Day 60 Miles: 1,347.78 to 1,367.17 Total miles hiked: 783.32 Two months on the trail. Time flies here. The day started with the usual alarm ring at 4:45 a.m. Most of the morning… Continue reading

6/21/17 – Lassen NP

Day 59 Miles: 1,332.22 to 1,347.78 Total miles hiked: 763.93 Some mornings getting up does not come easy. Today we woke up on a soft, comfortable dirt next to a singing stream, and… Continue reading

6/20/17 – On the Move Again

Day: 58 Miles: 1,328.85 to 1,332.22 Total miles hiked: 748.37 Many things could have gone wrong today, or at least not smoothly, but they haven’t. Driver from Rancheria Transport picked us up at… Continue reading