6/25/17 – 6/26/17 – Double Zero

Days 63 and 64

Miles: 0

We did not plan to take two zero days in Burney but my feet needed to heal before continuing our journey through the lava fields of Northern California and one day simply did not cut it. 

When you need an epson salt soak and your room does not have a tub.

While in town we resupplied for the next stretch which will take us to Castella. We also picked up our package with ice axes and few other miscellaneous items our friend Aaron mailed to us. There is still decent amount of snow just about 100 miles North of Burney and some steeper snow traverses. Fingers crossed the sketchy sections melt before we get there but I feel more comfortable carrying my ice axe from now on. 

Hopefully we got everything.

Our package from Amazon arrived on time as well and Dave can start the next section in new shoes which he quite desperately needed. 

The second item we ordered from Amazon was Sawyer Squeeze filter. Most hikers on the trail like it’s convenience so we decided to give it a try. We still can use it with our gravity system when in camp but during the day when we are on the move and want a quick refill, we can simply attach it to our smart water bottle and drink in seconds. At least that’s the idea, let’s see how it goes. 

Boys just wanna have fun

Otherwise we did whole lot of resting (the kind with a beer in your hand) here in Burney which was a welcome change of pace but the trail is calling and tomorrow we will part with Blake who will start his ride back home and we will walk back in the heat which the forecast now says will stick with us for at least one more week.

Just Chilling

Blake taking picture in which I’m checking pictures from his bike trip on Route 66