7/2/17 – Back in Civilization Again

Day 70
Miles: 1,486.94 to 1,498.65

Total miles hiked: 914.80

Trail keeps surprising us with new flowers

The wind blew strong through the night, we could hear it in the crowns of the trees. Not much of it touched the ground and when we got breeze, it was short and refreshing.

Our day started shortly after five. We didn’t have to get up super early since we only had 11 miles to go but we wanted to be in Castella early so that we could figure our plan for 4th of July weekend. 
In the end we were able to arrange a hotel from the trail when in the mid morning we arrived to a clearcut with a view into the valley, and cell phone signal. Not many hotels had vacancy, Mt. Shasta is big in celebrating Independence Day, about 8,000 people is expected to join the festivities this year.

Thank you for the magic Kellyfish, and for the ride to Dunsmuir as well

We still had to go to Castella first since we had a package with our new multi tool there. Castella was originally a good choice. Only 2 miles from the trail, we could be in and out of town in few hours, and camping was possible in State Park nearby if we wanted a rest.

We walked to Castella’s market where packages are held for free for hikers. After a short refreshment there we called trail angel Kellyfish who could take us part of the way to Dunsmuir. And from Dunsmuir we caught a ride with a highway patrol officer Tony who is retiring in a week and is planning to hike one of the long trails next year. 

Waiting for our ride at Ammirati’s market at Castella

Celebration was already happening in the town. One of the streets was closed and the road was lined with street vendors of all kind, and live music was playing in the middle. 

Quick lunch stop at Dunsmuir

We joined the festivities to grab some food for dinner at a teriyaki stand but we didn’t stay long. Tomorrow we’ll be more rested to join the fun.

Ready to grab some street food.