6/27/17 – Burney Falls

Day 65
Miles: 1,408.80 to 1,416.54

Plus 0.26 miles to Burney Falls State Park Campground

Total miles hiked: 832.69

The taxi we thought we would take back to the trailhead did not run until 9:00 a.m. and so we said good bye to Blake and shortly after he left for his ride home, we walked to the road and tried our luck hitching once again. 

Time to hit the road and trail

Older couple in a van picked us up. The van slowed driving around us but passed us at first. It stopped about 30 feet from us and after few seconds the reverse lights turned on. 
“Are you going back to the trail?” the lady ask. 
“Yes, we are,” I said. 
” Put your stuff in the back and hop in,” they smiled.
During the ride they told us they give rides to PCT hikers only and since our packs were sitting in a shade few feet away, they were not sure whether or not we were hikers until they noticed the red Hiker to Trail bandana Dave was waving and stopped for us. 

Starting the day with trail magic

Our hiking day started at 8:30 a.m., much later then it normally does but today I did not mind. We agreed to hike only 8 miles today and spend the rest of the day at Burney Falls State Park where I hoped to get some long exposure of the Falls during evening hours. 
The shorter day, I thought, would be good for my feet as well. But somehow my feet did not get the memo. My right Achilles started aching first. Not a sharp pain but I could tell something was not quite right. Later there was a little pinching sensation at the tips of my toes. I could not figure it out since the Lone Peaks have plenty of room in the tie box and I’m still puzzled how it happened but when we got to camp and I checked my right foot, there were two new blisters, one on the tip of my middle toe and one on the tip of the toe to the right. 
The blistered areas, even after I drained them were still little sore but at least once I dropped the pack, my Achilles stopped acting up and we could take a 1.2 mile walk around Burney Falls. The waterfall was quite amazing with two main plunges from the very top and dozens of smaller ones initiated by underground water seeping through the rock lower down. Beautiful sight. 

Burney Falls

We returned to the falls later in the evening when the light got softer and I was able to really capture their beauty on camera. 
Taking photos at sunset meant that we missed our bedtime. Hopefully we won’t pay for it much tomorrow.