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8/3/17 – Big Lake Youth Camp

Day 103 Miles: 1,980.08 to 1,992.58 Total miles hiked: 1,396.23 + 0.80 miles to Big Lake Youth Camp After enjoying two zero days in Bend, where we hanged out with our friend Aaron… Continue reading

7/31/17 – Sister’s Wilderness, hiking at its finest

Day 99 Miles: 1,956.32 to 1,980.08 + 0.53 to Lava Campground Total miles hiked: 1,383.73 Our task for today was to walk through Sisters Wilderness. Volcanos everywhere. Lupine covered meadows. Hundreds of butterflies.… Continue reading

7/30/17 – No Reflection in Mirror Lake

Day 98 Miles: 1,932.77 to 1,956.32 Total miles hiked: 1,360.17 My imagination pictured fabulous reflections when I saw Sisters Mirror Lake on Halfmile app. It sounded exactly like a place I could spend… Continue reading

7/27/17 – Oregon Skyline Trail

Day 95 Miles: 1,867.11 to 1,875.75 + 9.17 on OST alternate Total miles hiked: 1,296.57 During a common year, the Oregon Skyline Trail alternate is not much utilized among PCT hikers. This year;… Continue reading

7/18/17 – Afternoon Hiking is Always Hard 

Day 86 Miles: 1,715.17 to 1,725.61 Total miles hiked: 1,141.74 Our Ashland stay ended up super busy. So busy indeed that I did not find time to dedicate it a separate blog entry.… Continue reading

7/16/17 – Ashland

Day 84 Miles: 1,693.57 to 1,715.17 Total miles hiked: 1,131.30 The balls of my feet have been hurting lately as we started putting more miles in over a rocky terrain. Yesterday especially my… Continue reading

7/15/17 – Welcome to Oregon

Day 83 Miles: 1,671.20 to 1,693.57 Total miles hiked: 1,109.71 The wind that scoured the neighborhood of our site last night eventually died out and when I woke up in the middle of… Continue reading

7/9/17 – One Thousand Miles

Day 77 Miles: 1,571.28 to 1,591.47 Total miles hiked: 1,007.61 The highlight of today was Russian Wilderness. We had quite some climb to get there and when we first started I did not… Continue reading

7/2/17 – Back in Civilization Again

Day 70 Miles: 1,486.94 to 1,498.65 Total miles hiked: 914.80 The wind blew strong through the night, we could hear it in the crowns of the trees. Not much of it touched the… Continue reading

The Call of an Adventure

Have you ever considered walking the length of an entire country?  2,600-odd miles on a trail that visits some of the most amazing expanses of the American wilderness, and for days at a time… Continue reading