7/18/17 – Afternoon Hiking is Always Hard 

Day 86
Miles: 1,715.17 to 1,725.61

Total miles hiked: 1,141.74
Our Ashland stay ended up super busy. So busy indeed that I did not find time to dedicate it a separate blog entry. But no worries. You haven’t missed much other than a hunt for Dave’s new pants which was unsuccessful and a lot of time spent between grocery store and post office mailing two boxes for us ahead on the trail. After that we will get to a stretch where we’ll receive some of our pre-packaged boxes. I’m excited for the change in our diet, though today we came up with a new out of town favorite, ramen noodles with avocado chopped in them. It was delicious. 

Pilot Peak

We didn’t start hiking until 1:30 p.m. Few things had to be finished before we left town, and the arrangement we had with trail angel Becky was that she would pick us up at at half past noon.

Afternoon miles are nearly always hard. On regular day we are getting tired after already having hiked 10 – 12 miles but the same goes for the nero days out of town. I think our bodies rebel for we just threw them from a comfortable air conditioned room in the midst of the afternoon heat and made them work. 

Views along the trail today


Today we started by a steep up on the connector trail that took us from PCT to Callahan’s Lodge from where we hitched to town. That trail, though short, was steeper than anything on the PCT and it took our breath away, not in a good way, and it made our calves burn, so even after we returned to the PCT and it’s more pleasant grade, our legs struggled to achieve our usual speed.

We had few views today towards Pilot Rock and down the valley but mostly our views were limited by trees. 
In ten miles we reached our planned destination, spring with several camp sites nearby. Somebody already camped there, and many other people showed up after we set up tent. Some ended up staying, some pushed few more miles. 
Tomorrow will be our day to push bigger miles. Hopefully my right foot is up for the challenge.