7/3/18 – Camp Pet

Day 13

Miles: 1,241.71 to 1,224.07

My camera is not working. It stopped working yesterday afternoon. I turned it on to take a photo and a message popped

on the screen: Card Error

I tried every trick I could think off, changing the card, formatting the card, taking the lend on and off, even resetting all the customs settings I spent hours fine tuning. Nothing helped. Every time I touch a button, any button not just the shutter, I get: Card Error

I am extremely lucky to find a high point where I have a tiny bit of cell signal, just enough to call B&H Photo to ask what can be done about the situation. They are wonderful. The customer service rep transfers me to their camera specialist to troubleshoot and once this specialist decides the problem cannot be remedied, they promptly offer to replace the camera and my new one should be waiting for me in Sierra City when we get there in couple of days.

Not much else happens during the day. We go up and down along similar terrain as in last few days. We notice

haziness in the air which we later learn is a smoke from a fire near either Sacramento or somewhere in the Bay Area. The quality of the air is not compromised by the smoke but we hope the wind changes and clears our views.

There was a fire lookout along the way today. Perched on a tall peak above the trail, if I had my camera and a smoke free views, it would be a temptation. We’ll have to come back one day to tag it.

Water and camping are still somewhat scarce along this stretch. We are lucky to find couple sites by a stream and set up camp around 4:30 p.m. After the late night yesterday we want to catch up on sleep.

Neighborhood deer comes to see us as we eat dinner. He is a young buck, curious about us. He hangs out for about an hour, grazing nearby, curious about what we are doing. It’s better than a tv.

In bed by 8:00 p.m. Only 28 miles to Sierra City. They will be interesting miles though as we are facing waterless stretch with very little camping.