6/26/18 – Back in Chester

Day 6

Miles: 0

Its a rather hectic morning. We meet with Swayed at 8:00 a.m. thinking we will go for breakfast. Dave calls Rancheria Shuttle, the same shuttle service we used last year, and they can pick us up at 10:00 a.m. Breakfast is postponed. We need to make sure the U-haul is returned and we’re ready in two hours.

Solving the truck return first we drive to the nearest U-haul location. It’s about 3 miles away. Normally 3 miles would be a walking distance, especially since Black Bear Diner is on the way and our stomachs are asking for something to grabs, but we’re in a little bit of a time crunch so we Uber back to the hotel where Swayed goes to pack and Dave and I head to find something to eat.

The shuttle arrives with short delay but we are still on schedule to catch the Chester bus in Susanville where they will drop us off.

The air is hazy, the shuttle driver tells us they deal with several small fires in the area as well. It’s much better than the Sierra though. We don’t smell the smoke and above us is mostly blue sky.

At Susanville the shuttle drops us of at a gas station where we are to catch our Chester bus. There is no sign of a bus station whatsoever anywhere we can see. Luckily the shuttle driver was right, our connection appears on time.

The scenery is so green everywhere. I remember it took me by surprise last year after we arrived here just completing 700 miles of desert. It still catches me by surprise now. Large forests of tall trees, meadows, at one point we catch a glimpse of Mt. Lassen.

At Chester we take care of business first. There is no snow on the trail from here to the Sierra and Ice axes and micro spikes can go. The trip to post office is as smooth as it can be. We are greeted by a friendly clerk who has a quick solution to packing the odd shaped ice axes. He puts them to two medium size priority boxes taped together. Such a great idea.

Afterwards we have a burger and a milk shake and we contact couple trail angels to see if anybody is available to get us a ride to the trail.

“Sure. Come down to meet me at Lassen club and I can take you,” comes one of the replies.

We make the half mile journey and meet Trudi, eccentric and a very outgoing lady who invites us to spend the night with her and her family. She makes us chicken ceasar salad and garlic bread and we have a great conversation. That’s truly magical way to end a day.