Monthly Archive: August, 2017

8/30/17 – Glacier Lake

Day 128 Miles: 2,425.33 to 2,447.70 Total miles hiked: 1,806.66 The smoke lifted overnight and for a change it was easy to breathe. I appreciated the clean air, we had 6,000 feet to… Continue reading

8/29/17 – It’s Raining Ash

Day 127 Miles: 2,405.35 to 2,425.33 Total miles hiked: 1,784.29 Today we continued hiking in the smoke. It was thicker and the air carried the scent of burn. Views were even more limited… Continue reading

8/28/17 – Miles, not Smiles

Day 126 Miles: 2,390.66 to 2,405.35 Total miles hiked: 1,764.31 Some days the terrain is rough or steep and it’s a game of physical endurance. Some days are challenging mentally (mostly long forest… Continue reading

8/27/17 – Snoqualmie PassĀ 

Day 125 Miles: 2,379.52 to 2,390.66 Total miles hiked: 1,749.62 Home sweet home! We slept surprisingly well considering the amount of runners who passed our site during the night. Even at 5:00 in… Continue reading

8/26/17 – 100 Mile Run

Day 124 Miles: 2,356.91 to 2,379.52 Total miles hiked: 1,738.48 Today was a Pacific Crest 100 mile run going on. No we did not get crazy to add an insanely long race to… Continue reading

8/25/17 – First Frost

Day 123 Miles: 2,334.48 to 2,356.91 Total miles hiked: 1,715.87 It was bitterly cold overnight. The trees under which we camped protected us from the wind which we heard high in their crowns… Continue reading

8/24/17 – When August Throws a Tantrum

Day 122 Miles: 2,312.05 to 2,334.48 Total miles hiked: 1,693.44 (Plus 0.3 from Two Lakes to trail) The night was warmer than we expected but once again we didn’t make it without condensation… Continue reading

8/23/17 – Two Lakes

Day 121 Miles: 2,292.38 to 2,312.05 Total miles hiked: 1,671.01 (plus 0.5 miles to trailhead, plus 0.3 miles to Two Lakes) When a freshly brewed coffee is involved, the day never starts early.… Continue reading

8/22/17 – White Pass

Day 120 Miles: 2,277.03 to 2,292.38 Total miles hiked: 1,651.34 “Whom of our Washington hiking friends do you think we would meet on the trail first?” Dave asked yesterday. “Tim Nair,” was my… Continue reading

8/21/17 – The Dreaded Knife Edge

Day 119 Miles: 2,256.27 to 2,277.03 Total miles hiked: 1,635.99 Those of you who hiked with me before know that I am not particularly fond of narrow exposed ridges. Don’t take me wrong,… Continue reading