8/26/17 – 100 Mile Run

Day 124
Miles: 2,356.91 to 2,379.52

Total miles hiked: 1,738.48
Today was a Pacific Crest 100 mile run going on. No we did not get crazy to add an insanely long race to our hike but since the course run along the PCT for quite a long time, we sure benefit from it.

Colorful forest

Our first trail magic was from a trail crew higher up on the trail. They gave us apple and a bottle of Powerade, and they told us the first runners should hit the area in about 45 minutes.

Our second trail magic came from one of the aid stations for the run. We got cheered on just as much as the runners were and we got invited to all the food and beverages. There was water melon, grapes, nuts, gummy bears, pb&j bites, and lots more, and of course they had soda. The organizers as well as onlookers came to ask how our hike was going and we had a chance to talk to many great people. It was awesome. But having another long break put us little behind and catching up was not easy on the rough terrain today with steep ups and just as steep downs.

Thank you for the magic

Still we didn’t turn down the third trail magic. It was at aid station shortly before our site and this time we got pizza on the top of all the other goodies. 

We knew our site would be a noisy one. There is a cheer for any runner going through, some still heading towards their turn around 8 miles away, some already on their way back, so we made it an ear plug night and were sound asleep before 9:00 pm.

Pretty decent view