8/29/17 – It’s Raining Ash

Day 127
Miles: 2,405.35 to 2,425.33

Total miles hiked: 1,784.29
Today we continued hiking in the smoke. It was thicker and the air carried the scent of burn. Views were even more limited than yesterday. We were treated to a beautiful waterfall which originated at Lehman Glacier and cascaded several hundred feet over a rocky face of the mountain. After that the smoke swallowed the scenery and later yet we started seeing tiny white particles floating in the air. It looked like a light snow shower but instead of snow what was falling on us was ash. 

Crimson sunrise

We faced a long uphill and just as long downhill on the other side. The trail was less rocky than yesterday and travel was easier on our feet, but still when we arrived at a creek just 20 miles past our starting point, we were spent and ready to call it a night.

Ash from wildfire nearby