Pesto Tortellini

IMG_51622 servings

7 oz (186g) shelf stable tortellini (such as DaVinci)

1 packet of olive oil (appr. 0.375 fl oz)

2 packets powdered pesto sauce mix (such as Simply Organic Sweet Basic Pesto)

1 cup mixed dehydrated vegetables (corn, peas, carrots, tomatoes, peppers mix works well)

1/3 cup cheese powder or shelve stable cheese

2 oz dehydrated chicken or turkey (optional)


Place vegetables, cheese and pesto sauce mix and meat (if usung) in a freezer bag

Add unopened olive oil

Keep tortellini separately


Empty olive oil in the freezer bag

Add 10 oz boiling water to the freezer bag, place in cozy

Add tortellini to the remaining water, simmer for approximately 5 minutes.

Strain tortellini and add them to remaining ingredients.

Mix well and enjoy!

IMG_5238 pesto