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6/7/17 – Night Hikers

Day 45 Miles: 624 to 644 The sky was full of stars when we emerged from our tent at 2:30 in the morning and the moon shone so brightly that we almost could… Continue reading

6/6/17 – Hot, Dry, and Rather Miserable Traverse

Day 44 Miles: 604.43 to 624 The morning was cold. Not just cool but actually cold enough to warrant hiking in puffy jacket and gloves, and it felt amazingly refreshing. We knew we… Continue reading

6/5/17 – Forest, for a change

Day 43 Miles: 587.25 to 604.43 Today the trail took us through another burn and our friend Poodle Dog Bush was back, and its tiny purple blooms, as poisonous as they were, livened… Continue reading

6/2 + 6/3 Double Zero

Days: 40 and 41 Miles: 0 It was weekend and weekends are meant for rest, right? So even though we arrived to Tehachapi a day earlier than expected, we decided to keep our… Continue reading

5/25/17 – Hiker Heaven 

Day 32 Miles: 444 to 454 Today turned out to be one of my favorite days on trail. The sun remained behind clouds most of the morning and for once we nearly felt… Continue reading

5/24/17 – Lazy Hikers

Day 31 Miles: 436 to 444 For our first month on the trail we treated ourselves with a nero day and a luxurious stay at Acton KOA which included shower, laundry, and swimming… Continue reading

5/23/17 – Snake Dancing 

Day 30 Miles: 421.24 to 436 So many times along the trail we said: “If they put a cooler here with soda for $1.00, they could make some money.” Today we finally found… Continue reading